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What is Riser?

T he RISER Project is a new collaborative producing model for theatre artists and companies to create and present new work. It was developed by Ravi Jain, Owais Lightwala and Kelly Read of Why Not Theatre in order to address some of the challenges of producing independent theatre in Toronto, including the high cost of production, difficulty of building audiences and inefficient use of resources and infrastructure. The first three years of testing the model have been made possible with the generous support of the Toronto Arts Council’s Open Door Program and the Government of Canada.

F or the 2018 round of RISER, we will be supporting 4 productions at The Theatre Centre, and once again bring together a community of Senior Partners, established operating companies that have larger capacity. The Senior Partners contribute in kind resources, cash and mentorship support to the model, and over the course of the year we will facilitate long-term relationships between them and the RISER artists.

Find out more about how RISER works in this feature Canadian Theatre Review Article. RISER was also included with Generator in a research paper on sector developers for independent theatre, commissioned by The Metcalf Foundation and Toronto Arts Foundation, which you can read in full here.


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RISER productions

In the first year of the collaborative producing model (2014), we presented 3 shows in rep over six weeks. In 2015 we began calling it the RISER Project, and presented a further 4 shows in rep over five weeks, which we repeated in 2016 and 2017. Here all the shows that have been part of RISER thus far:

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How does it work?

We bring together a group of artists/collectives/companies that are each creating a production. We then create a repertory performance schedule, which allows all the companies to share a single space, taking turns to perform their shows (in a similar way to a festival like the Fringe or Summerworks). The model covers the shared umbrella costs of venue, technical production and publicity, and the individual companies are responsible for their own artist fees and other costs, such as individual show marketing.

RISER provides

  • 3 weeks of rehearsal space
  • A shared Lighting Designer
  • A shared Production Manager and Technical Director
  • A shared Publicist
  • 2-3 full days of tech time in the performance space
  • All technicians and crew for load in, load out and run of shows
  • A minimum of 9 public performances in a repertory schedule at the Theatre Centre BMO Incubator or Mainspace
  • The Theatre Centre Box Office ticketing system and Front of House staff
  • Minimum of 50% of Net Box Office Revenues
  • Ongoing mentorship, assistance and consultation with Why Not Theatre staff in all areas of producing and management

You provide

  • All other Artist Fees
  • Designers and Build Costs
  • Additional Marketing
  • Additional Publicity
  • A Producer, TD and/or PM for your show depending on need

Apply for RISER

Thank you for your applications, we have selected the 4 companies for RISER 2018, and applications for next year's round will be open sometime in June 2018. Sign up for Why Not's newsletter here to be informed about when those are live!

Is RISER for you?

  • Looking to produce a full production of a show that is already under development, or has plans for development over the next year
  • Don’t receive operating funding, and work on a project-based basis
  • Are completely available for tech and performances sometime in April/May next year. The complete schedule will be announced in the fall. Due to the shared nature of the model, we cannot accommodate any availability conflicts.
  • Are willing to work in a generous and collaborative way
  • Able to commit to several technical production and producing meetings between August and May, exact times TBC

To apply you need

  • A 2 page application including the following
  • A brief overview of what your production is, who is involved (confirmed and expected), and where it is in the development process?
  • What have you done prior to this- please provide name of show, venue and how it was produced (independently, at festival, as part of a development program)? Please include estimated attendance at those shows.
  • Why you need to present your show as part of RISER?
  • You may include a one-page resume of the lead artist/producer (optional).
  • Please do not include scripts, multimedia samples of the show, or any other supplementary materials.

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